Determining What Height Prop Best Fits You!

I recommend you watch one or both videos currently offered on the Video Page link.  I demonstrate in the “Finding Ease in Ease Pose” and “The Right Prop” how to determine what prop height best suits your structural needs.

If you simply want written instructions, follow these easy steps:


  • Gather books and magazines in a variety of heights, the tighter your hips the more books/magazines you will need.
  • Stack the books/magazines taller than you feel you will need to lift your body away from the earth to allow your legs to move comfortably to the earth.
  • Sit directly on top of the stacked books/magazines, in Easy Pose, by crossing one foot in close to the base of the books then place the other foot in front of the first foot.  Do not stack the feet, you need both legs unobstructed to determine the right height prop needed for your body’s structural design.
  • Once you have taken a seat, sit and feel how that height feels on your body.  The goal is to have the legs resting supported by the earth with the spine in a neutral and relaxed position, not leaning forward or backwards.
  • Remove books/magazines, and repeat the last step, sit, and allow yourself to feel how this lower height affects the body, do you relax or does it cause you to strain?
  • Repeat this process until you feel comfortable with the height that allows you to relax into Easy Pose.  I describe this like and exhale, when your body reaches the right height, you relax.
  • Once you found the right height take a measurement from the earth to the top of the stacked books/magazine to determine what height prop to invest in.
  • A 1/2 inch can be the difference between straining in Easy Pose or relaxing, so give yourself time to conduct this investigation!