Prapatti Props were created during a time when Maria DeSimone the creator of Prapatti props was instructing yoga to thirteen Buddhist practitioners preparing for a traditional three-year Buddhist retreat. Realizing the need for a better prop, she developed the first proto-type. Experiencing the difference Prapatti props made for these dedicated practitioners it was decided Prapatti props should be offered to the public.

Prapatti Prop’s unique kidney shape allows the head of the femur bone to rest posturecomfortably in the hip joint , the leg bones to extend against the earth while bringing the spine into a neutral relaxed position by utilizing the proper height prop. Prapatti Props come in seven heights to cover the needs of each individual’s structural design and related issues. Two different density foams are used to create a stable yet comfortable foundation that allows the practitioner to find a more relaxed/energetic position while in the seated meditation pose or seated forward bending poses in yoga practice.

Prapatti’s trained staff and field representatives offer guidance to anyone interested in finding comfort in the seated meditation pose. We offer individual consultation in person, via video conferencing generally set up through Skype, as well as written and instructional videos detailing a set by step process to guide the practitioner into assessing what height best suits their structural needs.

Our mission is to elevate the level of collective consciousness one practitioner at a time, by offering education and a prop that creates the most optimal alignment in the seated meditation pose. We understand the challenge of this grand endeavor, let us support you! We love to be of service.