Prapatti Props were designed in 2005 during a time when Maria DeSimone the creator of Prapatti props was assisting to prepare meditation practitioners for a traditional three-year Buddhist retreat. Realizing the need for a better prop she developed the first prototype. Experiencing the difference Prapatti props made for these dedicated yoga practitioners it was decided Prapatti props should be offered to the public.

Every bit of Prapatti's shape, and dimensional qualities offer a functional benefit to the individual using the prop for yoga asana and meditative practices. The angled edges allow the head of the femur bone to rest posturecomfortably in the hip joint, the center inward curve allows the heel of the foot to rest up close to the pelvic floor compacting the base of the pose, the proper height of the prop supports the leg bones to extending to the earth while bringing the spine into a neutral relaxed position. Prapatti is available in seven heights to cover the needs of each individual’s structural design and related issues. Two different density layers are used to create a stable comfortable foundation to increase energy flow and improved focus for the practitioner while in the seated meditation pose or seated forward bending poses in yoga practice.

Prapatti’s trained staff offers guidance to anyone interested in finding comfort in the seated meditation pose. We offer individual consultation in person, video conferencing, written instructions, and videos detailing a set by step process to guide the practitioner into discovering what height best suits their structural needs.

Our mission is to elevate the level of collective consciousness one practitioner at a time through educational services and offering the most advanced yoga/meditation prop on the market. We understand the challenges of the seated meditation pose. We offer not only the props to alleviate those challenges but the guidance as well! Our goal is to encourage more conscious beings roaming this beautiful planet. Namaste!